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December 19 , 2009
Great Peacemakers with Ken Beller

Exploring a wide range of approaches to peacemaking, Great Peacemakers is organized into five paths to peace: choosing nonviolence, living peace, honoring diversity, valuing all life, and caring for the planet. Each path showcases the true life stories of four amazing peacemakers who have successfully cultivated peace in a variety of ways. As a whole, the book strives for an overall balance of race, nationality, religion, gender, age, and level of fame. Whether you are a parent seeking positive roles models for your children, an educator looking for thought-provoking material for your students, or someone simply wanting an uplifting read, then Great Peacemakers is sure to meet your needs and inspire the peacemaker in you. Great Peacemakers has won 30 awards including the 2007 International PeaceWriting Award from the Peace and Justice Studies Association and the OMNI Center for Peace, Justice, and Ecology. The book is also endorsed by three heads of state and three Nobel Peace Prize recipients, including Dr. Oscar Arias, president of Costa Rica and Nobel Laureate, who said: "Powerful, well-researched and, above all, timely, Great Peacemakers should be required reading for the youth of the world."



November 21 , 2009
2012 - Science or Superstition with Alexandra Bruce


Alexandra Bruce’s new book 2012 Science or Superstition is based on December 21, 2012: the end date of the sophisticated Long Count Calendar created by the ancient Maya in Central America. Countless websites, magazine articles, and newspaper headlines debate its meaning, with enthusiasts in two camps: those forecasting apocalypse and those who see a coming renewal—a rebirth of consciousness. How much of what we're hearing is science and how much is superstition? Clearing a path between fantasy and reality, Alexandra Bruce surveys the entire 2012 landscape. Bruce surveys the leading researchers, writers, and scientists in the field, who tell us exactly what this date means to them, why it's important, and what we should expect. Alexandra Bruce's articles on urban legends, metaphysical and quantum physics themes have been published in Paranoia Magazine, Steamshovel Press, Borderland Sciences and She is the author of Beyond The Bleep: The Definitive Unauthorized Guide To 'What The Bleep Do We Know!? and Beyond The Secret: The Definitive Unauthorized Guide To 'The Secret'



November 14 , 2009
New Age Revival with Teena Booth


Has the term New Age has fallen from fashion? 24 percent of Americans according to a Newsweek poll have been stuck in an identity crisis over what to call ourselves. Most of us walk alone, often lonely on our individual paths, and unable to share our efforts. Our numbers uncounted, our opinions unconsidered, and our voices unheard by society. Unfinished Evolution by Teena Booth is a roll call for all spiritual idealists. It is time to come out of hiding, time to declare the courage of your convictions, time to stand up, and be counted as an agent of change! "In case you thought the dream of a 'new age' of consciousness was dead, think -- and read -- again. This book, wise, intimate, and deeply informative, is a clarion call about the greatest of conversations: about the future of humanity." - Michael Grosso, Ph.D., author of The Millennium Myth and Experiencing the Next World Now. 



October 31, 2009

A Spiritual Journey Through Breast Cancer with Anne Marie Bennett


This is an empowering book for anyone on a journey that has suddenly taken an unexpected and frightening turn. Created from Anne Marie’s journal entries during ten months of diagnosis, surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments, her story will inspire you on your own journey towards healing.  Walk with her as she bravely navigates the complex and intricate issues of fear, anger, gratitude, patience, faith, hope, sexuality, expectations, self-nurturing, prayers, affirmations, and spiritual connection. Reading Bright Side of the Road was like being inside the mind and body of every one of my breast cancer patients. I finally understand what it’s like on the other side of the bed.” By Dr. Stephen Karp, Breast Cancer Surgeon, Lahey Clinic, Burlington Massachusetts.



October 24 , 2009
The Psychic Lawyer with Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony the “Psychic Lawyer” is a practicing medium who specializes in communication with spirits. He is descended from a long line of psychically gifted people. For over a century the psychics and mediums in his family have used their gifts to help people. Mark is an accomplished public speaker who regularly discusses "life after death" and "contact with the spirit world".  He appears world wide on radio and television as an expert in spirit contact and the paranormal. He often serves as a guest lecturer at universities, civic, religious, spiritual, and grief support groups. Mark Anthony is also a successful attorney, licensed to practice law in Florida, Washington D.C., and before the United States Supreme Court. He earned his law degree from Mercer University in Georgia and studied law at Oxford University, England.


September 22 , 2009
From Corporate Lawyer to Spiritual Coach with Catherine Richardson


Why would a corporate lawyer abandon all her professional training and previous ambitions to seek spiritual truth? Having a near death experience might be a good enough reason! Author of the book, The Starfleet Messages, Catherine Richardson Ph.D. is a former attorney who spiritually awakened following a near death experience.  Catherine found herself profoundly changed, and decided to pursue a career in the healing arts. Catherine went on to earn a Ph.D. in transpersonal counseling and now helps others to empower themselves and to expand spiritually. Catherine is also a certified life coach, certified metaphysical practitioner, and an ordained minister.



September 15 , 2009
Raising Intuitive Children with Dr. Caron Goode


Dr. Caron Goode is the author of a dozen books; the most recent is Raising Intuitive Children which is a guide to nurturing intuition in a child so that they may better react to the world around them. The book is filled with tips and advice for parents who may not be so intuitive. Dr. Goode is quoted often as a parenting-coaching expert and her articles have appeared in over 300 publications globally including; Colorado Parent, Convergence, North Texas Parent, Calgary Parent, The American Chronicle, The Joyful Child, Energy, Black Family Digest, Parenting, and Better Homes & Gardens. Dr. Goode graduated with a Doctoral Degree from George Washington University in 1983 and is a licensed psychotherapist. She completed post-doctoral certifications in Wellness and Women's Spirituality at the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology. In addition, she holds the titles of National Certified Counselor and Diplomat of the American Psychotherapy Association.


September 8 , 2009
Your Eternal Self with Dr. Craig Hogan


Your Eternal Self by Dr. R. Craig Hogan describes carefully controlled, scientific research done by biologists, physicists, neuroscientists, physicians, psychologists, Nobel laureates, and other renowned scientists. Showing that the mind is outside of the brain, people see and know things they couldn't know if the mind were in the brain. The afterlife is as real as this life, people's minds are united, and our consciousness actually changes the environment in which we live! The book cites 330 sources from many prestigious scientific, psychological, and medical journals, but distills the essence of the research without technical detail, bringing it down to practical, daily life. Dr. R. Craig Hogan co-authored Induced After-Death Communication: A New Therapy for Healing Grief and Trauma. He has been a professor of business writing at three universities and now teaches writers through his own school, the Business Writing Center. from



September 9 , 2009
Big Heart-Big Mind with Genpo Merzel Roshi


Big Mind Big Heart is the name given, by American Zen Master Genpo Merzel Roshi, to a special new way to discover, experience and appreciate your life. It’s also a good way of working out the kinks, the stuck places, and the unhealthy patterns that keep us down. Life is complex, and the inner self is an exquisite network of the psychological and the spiritual. Understanding it well naturally leads one to a better life. Genpo Merzel Roshi attended the University of Southern California. He is one of a small group of Westerners recognized in both the Soto and Rinzai Zen traditions. In 1999, he combined western psychology and Zen to create Big Mind Big Heart, a self-discovery process that's been presented to thousands of people across America.



August 25 , 2009
Inspirational Living with Jesus Nebot


We shall be discussing inspirational living with Jesus Nebot who is an award winning filmmaker, as well as a renowned inspirational speaker and transformational trainer who has lectured in over 30 American states and 10 countries! Jesus produced and hosted "THE LOVE SHOW", a ground breaking cable talk show in which expert guests were invited to explore the frontiers of Consciousness and the healing power of Love in our lives, in our communities and in the world. Currently Jesus is focused on launching the Oneness Institute to help people and organizations across the world unlock their wisdom and create a more prosperous, peaceful, and sustainable world. Jesus’ work has been featured in all major networks including CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX and he is the recipient of numerous speaking and filmmaking accolades including THE GOLDEN STAR HALO AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION TO THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY.

August 22 , 2009
Visions of the Afterlife with Dr. John Lerma


Despite our advancements in science and medicine, death remains one of human civilization's most glorious mysteries. A handful of doctors have written books on phenomena such as near-death experiences, but research and data is scarce on pre-death experiences. Now, in the ground breaking book, Into The Light, Dr. Lerma shares his valuable research and guidance in 16 inspirational stories of children and adults confronting their deaths through the comforting visions of divine beings. By presenting the mysterious visions, synchronicities, and angelic conversations terminally ill patients encounter, Dr. Lerma shows how knowledge of death can ease the pain and fear as we prepare to enter into the light. Dr. John Lerma studied at The University of Texas at Austin and is Board certified in Hospice and Palliative Medicine, Dr. Lerma is widely recognized for his compassionate care of terminally-ill patients and research in the field of end of life care.

August 4 , 2009
Return from the Other Side with Mellen-Thomas Benedict


The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Other Side describes how in 1982 Mellen-Thomas died of terminal brain cancer and survived to tell about it. While in Hospice Care Mellen “died” or was without vital signs for at least an hour and a half before he returned to his body! Mellen-Thomas is one of the most studied near-deather in the world. He has taken part in more research and think tanks than any other near-deather. He has devoted himself to scientific research projects. Deepak Chopra has called Mellen-Thomas the “Encyclopedia of the After Life” in his latest book Life After Death. P.M.H. Atwater, researcher and author of Beyond the Light, wrote, “The near-death experience of Mellen-Thomas is the only one I have yet come across where an individual willfully changed the episode’s scenario as it was actually happening.” Dr. Kenneth Ring, author of Heading Toward Omega; The Omega Project states “Mellen’s story is one of the most remarkable I have encountered in extensive research on near-death experiences. Mellen-Thomas has the big picture.”


July 28 , 2009
Sail Into Your Dreams with Karen Mehringer


Karen Mehringer, author of the book Sail Into Your Dreams, life was restored to one of purpose, peace and bliss after a pivotal sailing odyssey inspired her to change her life! Karen shares her journey and spiritual wisdom with practical tools for anyone who's ever asked, "Is this all there is to life?" Karen is also an inspirational speaker, Life Empowerment Coach and the founder of Creative Transformations. She acts as a catalyst for igniting your passions and empowering you to live the life of your dreams. "Immerse yourself in this delightful weave of stories and practical steps to emerge refreshed and on purpose. Don't wait, up anchor and embark on an unforgettable voyage." By Diana L. Guerrero, author of Blessing of the Animals. Karen Mehringer has a masters degree in marriage and family therapy from the University of San Diego, California. She has been practicing personal development for fifteen years.



July 7 , 2009
Sustainability and Profit


Sustainability to profitability works! According to internationally known speaker, teacher, and multi-award winning author Jan Phillips. She describes in her book The Art of Original Thinking: The Making of Thought Leader new ideas of delivering a green, sustainable, and human business approach while maximizing investment returns! ". . . I couldn’t put the book down, and I predict you will be as encouraged as I to continue combining visionary thought leadership with responsible business practices. Truly an inspiration!" by Ken Blanchard co-author of The One-Minute Manager and The Secret


June 30 , 2009
The Genius of Nikola Tesla


Discussing the inspirational 19th century genius, Nikola Tesla! Margaret’s first biography, the classic Tesla – Man Out of Time has appeared in many languages throughout the world.  It followed her research foray into Yugoslavia during the Cold War administration of Marshal Tito—who did not much care for American scientists, or authors! Margaret wrote a second biography of Nikola Tesla entitled Tesla – Master of Lightning with the documentary film producer Robert Uth, and has appeared in his award-winning PBS documentary about the inventor. She has been a reporter for the Aberdeen Daily World, and an editor for the Seattle Bureau of the Associated Press. She also has worked for the office of the President of the University of California Berkeley, and the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education. Margaret Cheney is the only American writer ever to have won the International Tesla Gold Medal of the Serbian Academy of Science—a medal usually awarded only to scientists.  Margaret is a member of the executive board of the Tesla Memorial Society in New Jersey.

June 16 , 2009
Spindrift Research with Bill Sweet


One of the most predictable consequences of exploring the bridge between science and religion is that the simple act of questioning authority, on either side of that bridge, is guaranteed to evoke furious emotions in those who believe they already know the "truth." Bill Sweet's Journey into Prayer is the story of a father and son who courageously risked everything to explore the power of prayer, an overview of what they discovered, and a poignant reminder of the risks faced by all true pioneers. Bill Sweet received a communications degree from Illinois State University




May 19 , 2009
The Uncommon Path with Mick Quinn


The Uncommon Path is a compelling guide to uncovering and growing beyond concealed conditioning on the road to awakening our full potential. Clearly exposing the kaleidoscope of metaphysical distractions orchestrated by the ego that keep us well clear of an authentic path. "Mick Quinn gives us a program to achieve genuine happiness, and he does so in an informative and gripping way. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is willing to let go of his or her suffering and achieve authentic joy." Gary Renard: bestselling author of The Disappearance of the Universe. Mick was the founder and CEO of several multimillion-dollar companies in New York City from 1994-2001. His work is regularly quoted and featured in many publications, including CNN Living, The Washington Times, ADD Magazine, Body & Mind Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal.




May 19 , 2009
The Power of Women in Business with Rose-Anne Kumpunen


Discussing the new book The Power of Women United with contributor Rose-Anne Kumpunen! Four years in the making this book brings together twenty-two successful business women who share their success stories for those women aspiring to be independent and blaze their own trail of business success. Rose-Anne is a women's activist, a mom of two, an author, a documentary film producer, and Internet entrepreneur with 20+ websites in the food, nutrition, alternative health, and holistic beauty fields. She is also the vice-president of Kristian Industries and Krin Communications. Her passion is to help women make permanent and positive changes in money, mind, body, and soul!


April 18, 2009
A Life of Neurosurgery & Metaphysical Energy with Dr. John Turner


Dr. Turner was the first neurosurgeon on the Big Island of Hawaii. He reveals how metaphysical events such as remote viewing, telepathy, consciousness and life-after-death are demonstrations of the manner in which the human brain interfaces with the universal energy. His book is Medicine, Miracles, and Manifestations: A Doctor's Journey Through the Worlds of Divine Intervention, Near-Death Experiences, and Universal Energy. His work has been described as "A fascinating real-life voyage through medicine and beyond into the greater reality."

April 11 , 2009
The Crowded Universe with Alan Boss


Discussing the scientific evidence gathered to date that implies that Earth-like planets should be common in the universe! Also, the purpose of NASA’s recently launched Kepler Space Telescope; the first space-borne telescope designed specifically to detect and count the number of habitable worlds orbiting stars like our Sun! One of the world’s leading authorities on the formation of stars and planets, Alan Boss is a research scientist at the Carnegie Institution of Washington Department of Terrestrial Magnetism and the author of the book The Crowded Universe. Alan Boss has been elected a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Meteoritical Society, and the American Academy of Arts & Sciences. Alan was a member of the Science Working Group for the recently launched NASA’s Kepler Mission and is currently a member of the Kepler science panel.


April 4 , 2009
The Science of Love with Daphne Rose Kingma


Discussing the greatest power humanity has . . . the all conquering power of LOVE! Daphne Rose Kingma's books have been featured on Oprah SIX times and sold over a million copies! Loving Yourself in one of these books. She has been featured in L.A. Times, L. A. Herald Examiner, L. A. Weekly, Dallas Morning News, and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch as well as Mademoiselle, New Woman and Self . . . and been featured on "Oprah" six times!





March 28 , 2009
Astrology with Ostaro


Discussing the fundamental principles of astrology and Ostaro's book The Art & Craft of Success! Ostaro has appeared on the "David Letterman Show" and even starred in commercials and movies! He has been featured in multiple magazines and newspapers including The Wall Street Journal. Once an appearance by Ostaro on a New York city radio show generated over 20,000 calls!



March 14, 2009
An Eye on the NFL


Discussing the NFL through a former Green Bay Packers eye doctor! We shall also be discussing the scientific connection between the eye and the brain. In addition we will review Dr. Mancheski's new fiction book The Chemist. His optometry degree is from Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago. He functioned as team optometrist for the UW Green Bay Mens and Women's basketball teams from 1990–2005, and the Green Bay Packers from 1992–2000.



March 7 , 2009
Conscious Living & Dying with Annamaria Hemmingway


Annamaria Hemmingway writes in her book Practicing Conscious Living & Dying: Stories of the Continuum of Consciousness about a series of uplifting collection of spiritually illuminating texts and powerfully thought-provoking real life stories, showing death as an integral part of life. "If you are looking for an inspirational and uplifting book about dying, this is it! . . ." by Michelle Cromer, author of Exit Strategy: Thinking Outside the Box


February 28, 2009
Embracing the Woman You Are with Janice Lynn Lundy


Spiritual guide and mentor Janice Lynne Lundy proposes twelve principles drawn from her personal encounters with prominent spiritual teachers to enable women to live a full and rich-in-spirit life! Read her book Your Truest Self: Embracing The Woman You Are Meant to Be! For the past ten years, Janice has served as a writer for Women's LifeStyle magazine, a franchised publication distributed throughout the USA. Her inspirational columns touch the lives of over 175,000 women each month!



February 21, 2009
A World Government with Jim Stark


Jim Stark lays out plans on how a world government could work and discusses subjects such as voting, taxes, and keeping it civil. He advocates a world government is viable and the best solution for the continued peace and prosperity for the people of Planet Earth. "There is no salvation for civilization, or even the human race, other than the creation of a world government." Albert Einstein




February 14 , 2009
How to Attract Your Soul Mate


Valentine's Day Special! Critics have called her book, How to Attract Your Soul Mate: The Secrets of Lasting Love, “The answer to a million prayers,” and “Sane and inspiring advice for everyone seeking a soul mate." Barbara has appeared on "WFLA's Daytime TV". She has also been featured in publications such as South Bend Tribune and The St. Petersburg Times.





January 31 , 2009
An Interview with the Universe with Elizabeth Anne Hill


An Interview with the Universe is an audio book in which Elizabeth Anne Hill interviews trance channel medium Glenna Dietrich. Elizabeth's comments and insights on this audio book and the universe in general may contain answers that stir the soul . . . you decide! Elizabeth Anne Hill has written three books: Twin Souls; A Message of Hope for the New Millennium, The Circle of Light, and The Gift. Elizabeth is the Founder and President of the Catherine Hill Foundation, dedicated to helping homeless and underprivileged young people.

January 11, 2009
Life is All About Energy with Anne Jolles


Author, coach, and speaker Anne Jolles discusses using energy in our lives. Anne states, "What is possible with no energy?  Think about it… think about when you are depleted. Energy is necessary for enthusiasm, creativity, sense of humor, sensuality, zest for life and curiosity. Anne Jolles is the author of Rise and Shine Anytime: Simple Questions to Wake Up Your Life and Keeping Your Sanity While Loving & Letting Go of Your Teen. Anne presents workshops, retreats, tele-classes and seminars designed to deepen the learning and experience the energy of her material.  Her presentations are interactive, energizing, educational and tailored to suit the group’s need.



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