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The books of The Universal Learning Series are primarily spiritual and science books which are intended stimulate personal thought, awakening, and research in to life, spirit, planet Earth, and the scientific universe as a whole. The spiritual and science related books are written from a personal perspective and are formatted to be easy to read. Your Never-Ending Life is a book of spiritual teachings which discusses topics such as the universe, energy, universal laws, emotional and life experiences, inner guidance, outer guidance, the path and choices, the awakening, and highlights basic science principles of the nature of the universe.



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What is life? Where is life?

Planet Earth is where exactly?

Why are you here?

Why does no human being look the same?

Why do we all think and act differently?

Why do we all love? We do we all hate?

What is the awakening?

How many billions of other galaxies are there in the universe?

What is the energy force of the universe?

What created the universe? Why?


Reviews of Your Never-Ending Life: Book 1 of the Universal Learning Series


I read Mr. Andrew's book with great interest as I too am interested in the universal energy field/force. I found this to be a book that I easily read from cover to cover and for me, all of it was enlightening and in complete agreement with my thoughts and feelings. I feel this book is a wonderful introduction into the study of universal energy and how to understand and work with that energy. Highly recommended.

Dr. John L. Turner

Neurosurgeon, HI

Sandy Andrew's book Your Never-Ending Life is a rare treasure that brilliantly explains Universal Laws and de-mystifies the mysteries of the Universe. Sandy's book is the key to understanding why we are here and how to apply this wisdom to live a happy, peaceful and rewarding life. A must-read for everyone!

Barbara Gulbranson

Author and Coach

Your Never-Ending Life assures that we are endless life forms swimming in an emotional and energetic universe. The essence of who we are is eternally positive, while the experience of what we are in this existence is a choice. Choose and learn, or choose and learn again. That’s right! Negative or positive, life continues. You are flowing with it or resisting. Both provide a lesson for you and the universe that is uploaded and stored for another time. Living—is learning!

Ernie Vecchio

Clinical Psychologist & Author

Sandy Andrew is a beautiful spirit whose energy is too big to be contained in a small world, hence he reached out to the Universe and they gave him a big job to do.

His job was to write the incredible Universal Learning Series, a series of books designed to bring a greater understanding of the Universe, how it works, why you are on Earth right now, why you are struggling or not, and why you should Open yourself to the energy of the Universe.

Sandy has written a book that is easy for anyone to believe in and understand. He explains the 12 Laws that are important for anyone who wishes to manifest and live a life of their own choosing, and he does it in such a way that regardless of your religious beliefs, you can still take heart and believe in the answers he has written in his book, the ones that answer your Questions about who you are, why you are here, and what is it you are here to do. It’s a GREAT READ, it’s a quick guide and reference to answer many of life's secrets and it is honest. If you would like to hear Sandy in person, tune in to my show to hear my interview with him. He is engaging, fun and full of life...Unstoppable

Frankie Picasso

Founder & Talk Show Host: The Institute for Quantum Living and Conscious Design

I greatly enjoyed reading Your Never Ending Life by Sandy Andrew. From a spiritual viewpoint and as a professional psychic counselor I found the guidance he offered much in sync with my own beliefs. You won’t find any far out teachings or ways of thinking. You won’t find any hard to understand or difficult to follow “rules.” His ideas are solid and logical. From a reader’s point of view I enjoyed the bite-sized entries. There’s nothing worse than picking up a book and seeing long passages filled with nothing more than fluff. What the author does is to take a common sense approach to life on earth and why exactly we’re here and how we can make our stay less stressful. So many of us chase our tails or wander aimlessly. With Mr. Andrew’s blueprint in front of us, we can be assured that we’ll not only avoid many of the common obstacles that plague us, but we can move up a notch or two on the soul ladder. I enjoyed his book so much I invited him to speak as a guest on my radio show The Psychic View. Your Never Ending Life is a book you don’t want to pass up.

Kelly Wallace

Author & Professional Clairvoyant

Your Never-Ending Life is a remarkable spiritual text for the next step in the new age. Written for the enlightenment of the emerging technologically- minded generation, who have less time than ever and prefer their information condensed into "bytes" of wisdom, Sandy Andrew has found his audience. His book explains the basic spiritual laws in easy-to-understand language and then teaches how to implement those laws into practical everyday use. He is a new-age writer for the future, and I would recommend this book as an introduction to the basic universal laws for anyone beginning their spiritual journey.

Georgia Slesinger

Professional Clairvoyant

Sandy has tapped into the knowledge that all beings carry sleeping within them. When you read his book you will find yourself recognizing the truth rather then learning something new for the first time. The result could be for you what happened to me, a wonderful sense of joy and peace washing over me that hasn't left me since.

Robin Lamb

North Carolina, USA

I read Your Never-Ending Life: Book 1 of the Universal Learning Series, and was pleased with how very uncomplicated Sandy had written this book. It was informative and thought-provoking in a gentle way. Sandy is on to something here with the way that he presents concepts and ideas of our Universe and the workings of our spiritual self. A great book with easy to read information that is helpful and insightful. It will speak to you on every page. A delight!

Rebecca Jernigan

Founder & Talk Show Host "Journeys with Rebecca"

Journeys With Rebecca

Your Never-Ending Life is the first in the Universal Learning Series from Sandy Andrew. The thought of reincarnation escapes most people, as it did me until I read this book. Sandy does a wonderful job of laying foundations, and then carefully explaining those feelings we have all had in our lives. When you’re finished with his book, written in a warm and unassaulting style, you may know yourself a little better.

But you most certainly will be convinced that you have existed for many thousands of years and have relished the beauty and sadness in all your lives. The greatness in the lives of mankind is the fruit of spiritual debts paid and loves cherished over the eternities. And we're nowhere near complete with our journey. Search your higher mind, find your soul mate, and know that you are never alone in this world. Sandy has discovered for us a treasure.

Brooks A. Agnew, PhD

Founder & Talk Show Host of "X-2 Radio"

Sandy Andrew has come up with yet another marvelous book that is very informative. It will guide you both spiritually and intellectually. Your Never-Ending Life: Book 1 of the Universal Learning Series has brought his unique style of writing even further to the surface to enlighten the reader on such important matters as "What You Are", "The Universe and Energy", "The Path and Choices", and "Success or Failure", just to name a few.

Wanda Maynard

Your Never-Ending Life shows us that, “All life revolves around universal learning, no matter what religion or faith you belong to; it matters not if you are a Christian, Muslim or Jew.” So, here is a book that does not reject religion but instead offers the philosophies that religions are based on. And that is a revelation!

Richard Fuller

Senior Editor Metaphysical Reviews

Your Never-Ending Life offers readers the opportunity to examine who they are, why they are here on Earth, and how they can achieve success and fulfillment through what Sandy Andrew calls “Universal Learning.”

By Bodhipaksa

Wildmind Buddhist Meditation

Reading this book will bring the understanding of why we are here, and how we can make the changes that will bring us happiness, fulfillment and joy. It is a major work that is needed so desperately on this planet. In a time of chaos, this is a light in the window of your life. Read it and grow. I highly recommend it.

Leona Mayers

co-author of Heavenly Insight on Love, Life and Dreams

These days, there is no shortage of spiritual guidebooks on bookstore shelves. From Nubian extraterrestrial cults to pagan Celtic ritual, authors are resuscitating (or inventing) mystical lifeways. And though many possess capable intellect and present intriguing ideas, few works are compelling enough to stand apart from the pack. In contrast, Sandy Andrew’s Your-Never Ending Life is a remarkable piece of prose—as well-written as it is informative.

Ellen Tanner Marsh

New York Times Best Selling Author

Sandy Andrew takes the teaching of Universal Learning and breaks it down to digestible lessons that can either be digested as parts or as a whole. Andrew has grouped these lessons together by Spirit- who you are; Lifetime – why you are here; and the final chapter that puts that understanding together with the spiritual guidance from the universe that you receive but more often than not have a tendency to ignore, in order for you to begin living the way you were meant to.

Jennifer Sommerset


The title This Lifetime on Earth by Sandy Andrew was published in 2005 by Booksurge. The same manuscript was republished as Your Never-Ending Life: Book 1 of the Universal Learning Series in 2010 by iUniverse.

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